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Successful Deep-Tech Ventures originated from Hong Kong

Joining DTL will give you an opportunity to work with acclaimed scientists and researchers as well as tech entrepreneurs. Below are a few examples of Hong Kong startups that have benefited from Creative Destruction Lab (CU Coding and IXON) and those thrived to become successful in its valuation and impact (SenseTime, SmartMore and Cirina). All these successful cases show the huge potential of commercialising deep-tech. DTL is dedicated to assist founders to build scalable, science and technology based startups at seed stage.  


Astra Optics Limited

Astra Optics Limited, founded by a team of experts in optical engineering, material science, and nanomanufacturing, is a spin-off company from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Our ground-breaking 3D nanofabrication technology, i.e., femtosecond projection laser patterning system and hydrogel-based multi-material fabrication platform, has proven records to revolutionize the micro-additive manufacturing industry by overcoming critical bottlenecks in current state-of-the-art solutions, namely, low-throughput and high fabrication cost.  

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Gut Rhythm R&D (Hong Kong) Limited

Gut Rhythm is a research team spin-off from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Gut Rhythm provides drug-testing service and subscription service (to-be-launched) to our standardized and sustainable "electrical" drug databases. Drug-testing service will test clients’ drug-of-interest using our protocol (IP at CUHK, US and China patent in progress) of gastrointestinal slow-wave network analysis to create unique electrophysiological drug profiles. Self-developed automatic analytical pipeline allows maximum speed to create comprehensive drug testing report in 1 day.


Meat the Next

Meat the Next is a superfood technology company focused on creating delicious and nutritionally balanced New Proteins products to fight for climate change from diet change. Through patented technologies and unique raw materials like non-GMO Soy & Tiger Nuts, we offer dairy-free products enhancing taste and texture. We have developed the World's First Tiger Nut Oat Soy Milk with market recognition. We differentiate our products and overcome existing market barriers to provide an indulgent and sustainable eating experience to our esteemed customers.

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Provectus Therapeutics

Provectus Therapeutics is a biotech company, spin-off from CUHK, aiming to develop advanced single cell analytic AI platform to empower Precision Oncology Research, Novel Drug Development and Personalized Cancer Treatment Prediction for each cancer patients, by implementing the state-of-the-art technologies. We apply Artificial Intelligence and Microfluidics to develop the advanced single cell culture platform for high throughput drug screening analysis. Ultimately, our platform will be applied in Precision Oncology Research, New Drug Development and Personalized Treatment for each cancer patient.

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Codex Energy

Codex Energy develops High-Performance Computing (HPC) datacenters and the energy systems to power them. Utilizing stranded natural gas as a carbon negative energy source, Codex provides and operates infrastructure for Bitcoin mining and AI/ML compute applications. Our vertically integrated, full-stack immersion cooling, power systems, and cloud-based automation and systems management technologies are all developed in-house and enable our HPC datacenters to operate continuously in the harshest off-grid environments.


Kodifly Limited

Kodifly specializes in advanced spatial intelligence and transport infrastructure monitoring. We focus on creating real-time digital twins using cutting- edge LiDAR technology, delivering actionable insights for infrastructure challenges like deformation, landslides, and vegetation encroachment through precise 3D point cloud processing. Our solutions prioritize the safety and longevity of essential transport infrastructure such as airports, railways, and highways, emphasizing climate resilience.



Nexoedge is the research result by The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) which joined LF Edge as the Associate Member in early 2023. Nexoedge uses Network Coding and Secret Sharing algorithms to shard data into any number of components during data transmission from edge to cloud, thus enabling a secure platform for efficient information transmission and storage. Sharded data can be stored in multiple clouds without any need for data replication, resulting in increased data availability, enhanced protection on data privacy and security, and fault-tolerant storage.

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PuroChem Limited

PuroChem Limited is a biotech startup, built on the patent protected technology platform, Dispersed Mobile-phase Countercurrent Chromatography (DMCC), developed at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). PuroChem, as a spin-off of PharmacoGenetics Limited, which is an innovation- driven biopharmaceutical company partly owned by HKUST R&D Co., is born as the champion, for original brand design and production of DMCC equipment, enabling highly scalable, cost- effective and environmentally friendly purification of therapeutics and nutraceuticals, increasingly needed for our aging society.

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