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Successful Deep-Tech Ventures originated from Hong Kong

Joining DTL will give you an opportunity to work with acclaimed scientists and researchers as well as tech entrepreneurs. Below are a few examples of Hong Kong startups that have benefited from Creative Destruction Lab (CU Coding and IXON) and those thrived to become successful in its valuation and impact (SenseTime, SmartMore and Cirina). All these successful cases show the huge potential of commercialising deep-tech. DTL is dedicated to assist founders to build scalable, science and technology based startups at seed stage.  


CU Coding

CU Coding is a spin-off from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and focuses on network coding technology. CU Coding holds key patents of the network coding technology. The founders and research team of CU Coding include professors, alumni and PhD graduates from CUHK. It graduated from CDL Vancouver 2023.



SenseTime is a leading AI software company providing AI technologies across industry verticals: Smart Business, Smart City, Smart Life, and Smart Auto.

Screenshot 2023-08-28 150940.png


Insighta, a landmark Joint Venture between Prenetics, and renowned scientist, Prof. Dennis Lo, aims to revolutionize multi-cancer early detection. Backed by world-class science from Prof. Lo, robust capital resources of US$100m from Prenetics, and led by successful entrepreneur Danny Yeung, the joint venture is poised to transform cancer screening. Insighta plans to introduce Presight for lung and liver cancers in 2025, and to expand with Presight One for 10+ cancers in 2027. Insighta presents an unprecedented opportunity to save lives and bolster Hong Kong's standing as a global hub for life sciences innovation. 



EcoFlow empowers people and communities through portable, clean, reliable power for lasting impact by dethroning the traditional gas generator and reinventing the way the world accesses energy. 



IXON developed a revolutionary, patent-pending technology called advanced sous-vide aseptic packaging (ASAP) that could sterilize food products at very gentle temperatures (140 to 176 °F or 60 to 80 °C). It graduated from CDL-Rockies 2022. 






SmartMore Corporation is a fast-growing high-tech company specialized in providing comprehensive products & solutions for smart manufacturing and digital innovation.



Cognitact translates cutting-edge research efforts into a risk prediction, diagnostic, and disease monitoring tool for dementia, aiming to detect Alzheimer’s disease before its symptomatic stage using blood. Its services include risk prediction for AD, assisting AD diagnosis and suggestion for AD risk management

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