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Deep-Tech Lab

Building massively scalable,

science- and technology-based business ventures

at their seed stage

About Deep-Tech Lab

Deep-Tech Lab is an incubation program that aims to enhance the commercialization of science in order to make an impact on business and society. Deep-Tech Lab has collaborated with the business school to offer a special course in which students learn to facilitate the ventures.

DTL Updates

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DTL has recruited 15 ventures for its debut 

The organizing team and mentors of DTL have selected technology ventures in food, AI, health care, biomedicine, materials, and climate. These ventures come from university labs, science parks, industry, and incubators. While the majority of the ventures are from Hong Kong, several of them come from the US, Japan, and the mainland.
We are excited in matching mentor teams with the ventures for full-day DTL meetings on December 9.  Sponsors, mentors, and investors will gather in a dinner in the previous evening to celebrate the debut.
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DTL Kick-off Ceremony

The Center for Entrepreneurship successfully held the DTL Kick-off Ceremony on 22 Sep 2023 to mark the beginning of the journey to support Deep-Tech companies.
If you are passionate about commercialising your science and technology to make an impact on business and society, let's apply our DTL program.



Completely free of charge for ventures
Take your business to the next level

Team-based, Objective-oriented Mentorship

Every admitted venture has access to practical and measurable guidance from investors, business leaders, industry experts, technical mentors, and business partners. Unlike other programs, the DTL program takes an objective-based approach. Usually 3 or more mentors will work as a team to nurture the admitted ventures.

An International Networking of Exchange

Mentors of DTL are picked with a nurturing mindset instead of deal-focused. We look for those who served Creative Destruction Lab and those around this region. Networking events, both online and offline, will be held to build a bridge between entrepreneurs and both incubators and investors.

Investment and Go-To-Market Opportunities

We will seek a wide range of investors and sponsors from local and overseas to participate in the DTL program. Investment opportunities will be provided across the whole DTL program. Corporates and consulting firms will supply the platform for product- testing and go-to-market experiments.

Debated, Peer-reviewed Advice

Rather than a mentor dictating a direction for the venture in a one-on-one mentoring design, the peer mentors debate their views and then prioritize the most important things to increase value and de-risk the venture quickly within the incubation period. Besides, meetings will be held for all the admitted ventures, mentors, industry experts and partners. Mentors of each venture will report the progress and upcoming plans on the stage to receive constructive suggestions openly.

Business Support by Elite Business Students

Students from a bespoke MBA course will support the venture and its mentor group. Each venture will be paired with a student to assist venture founders, who are scientists rather than businessmen, to investigate potential markets, find solution for competition, and explore funding options under the guidance of the mentors

Our Team

Our team members bring their unique professional backgrounds and expertise to foster the growth and success of deep-tech ventures in Hong Kong and beyond throughout the program.


Our Partners

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